Professional Pet Sitter VS Hobby Pet Sitter



Why would you pay three times more for a “professional pet sitter” when your best friends, cousin’s teenage daughter will do it much cheaper (or even free)?

The two most common questions I get asked are — are you available on x date and how much will it cost? Of course, cost is a main factor in the decision on where you will leave your furkid while your away (who wouldn’t rather spend their cash on EVERY cocktail listed on the menu), but it shouldn’t be the only consideration given…

✔️ Motivation – your professional pet sitter is there to deliver a service, not for a holiday away from the parents. They aren’t interested in cleaning out the fridge, inviting their bestie around for a Netflix binge session or taking advantage of the free wifi. You get what you pay for… your professional pet sitter will spend their time engaging with and caring for your pet/s.

✔️ Insured – it’s always reassuring to know that in case of an accident or emergency, your pet and belongings are covered! Your professional pet sitters insurance will cover damage caused to your home, possessions and any injury to your pet whilst in their care. Peace of mind, so you can get on with deciding which massage to get.

✔️ Experienced – as resourceful as a hobby sitter may be with YouTube or Google, it doesn’t always cut it when they need to think quickly to diffuse a situation. Will they know how to separate a dog fight? Can they correctly administer medication? Have they got basic first aid and CPR training? Although these are unlikely to occur, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

✔️ Reputation – a professional pet sitter who has invested time, money and effort into their business and brand relies on positive feedback and word of mouth to grow. Therefore they are more likely to go above and beyond and work to exceed your expectations, so you will spread the word about the exceptional service provided. On the other hand, a hobby sitter who doesn’t have long term plans to run a pet sitting business, may not hold as much weight to what you say about them.

✔️ Long term relationship – it’s always a little daunting to leave our pets behind when we go away but it eases the worry to know they are as comfortable and happy as can be without their Mum and Dad. A professional pet sitter is more likely to be in it for the long run, therefore you and your pet can build a relationship and trust with the one person or family – just like having a second / surrogate family!

If you need any more convincing, check out FurMumma’s testimonials page!

– FurMumma

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