New Service: Pet Wedding Assistant!

Would your special day be incomplete without your fur baby there to join you down the isle? Let FurMumma take the lead on making this dream come true.

Our ‘Pet Wedding Assistant’ service offers the opportunity to include your four-legged bestie in your proposal, engagement party, wedding ceremony or photo session without the stress of getting them there, keeping them safe and ensuring they are on their best behaviour.

We will work with you to customise the PERFECT package including transport to and from the event; arranging grooming and dressing in provided attire; caring for your pets throughout your event including walks, toilet breaks, feeding and entertaining; overnight boarding before and/or after the big day; or anything else that your heart desires.

Pricing will vary depending on hours, number of pets, location and services needed. As a guide – Hourly rates start at $50 for one pet. Travel over 40km (round trip) is charged at 0.68c per km from the time we pick up to drop off. Overnight Boarding can be added and starts at $50 per pet.

Contact FurMumma for further details

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