Top 10 Dog Friendly Cafes and Restaurants in Albury-Wodonga

We know it can be tough to find the best spots to enjoy with the WHOLE family… Fur-tunately, we have you covered!

1. Topolino Gelateria, Wodonga

Gelato for dogs! Need we say more? Grab your family & your fur babies and head down to Junction Square – your pup will love you for it. (This perfect Summer treat is made with natural yoghurt, bananas, peanut butter & strawberry jam… yum-o!) [Image: @topolino.gelateria]

2. Cafe Musette, Albury

Cafe Musette LOVE dogs. They even have an annual dog day (with free pet portraits!). Yes, really. You’ll find this one nestled in next to the historic Albury Railway. [Image: @cafemusette]

3. The Woolhouse Bar, Albury

Woolhouse welcome your furry friends in the courtyard out back and even have their own in-house hounds, Roxy & Bella! When we put the word out that we were looking for the best pup friendly spots in Albury-Wodonga, this is one that popped up again and again. [Image: @thewoolhousebar]

4. Bean Station Cafe, Wodonga

Pups and their parents can be found lounging on this old train station platform 7 days a week. Water bowls & puppacino’s are provided and we think it’s the perfect place to soak up the morning sun or enjoy a relaxing sunset. P.S. The menu is so delicious, we have a feeling you won’t be sneaking anything under the table… oh, who are we kidding? [Image: @beanstationcafe]

5. Church St Hotel, Wodonga

Stop by for a sneaky cocktail or two with friends… two legs, four legs, Church St doesn’t mind! They have a great beer garden where all dogs are welcome. Visiting fur kids can expect lots of pats & attention from the friendly crew. [Image: @cshwodonga]

6. Red Brik Caffe, Lavington

A warm, laid-back cafe with a special menu just for your furry friends! The ideal spot for a relaxed coffee or meal with your pup in tow. Did we mention bonus gluten free, veg & vegan options for the humans? [Image: Red Brik Caffe]

7. Riverdeck Cafe, Albury

Where to begin? This picturesque spot has ample space for your fur-kid(s) to stretch their legs and explore. Take a stroll along the beautiful Murray River to work up your appetite before a relaxing brunch on the outdoor deck. Sit, relax and watch the water pass by. [Image: @riverdeckalbury via @destination_nsw]

8. Piccolo Pod, Wodonga

On the run? Grab some freshly brewed local coffee and a puppacino-to-go from this cute little espresso bar. It’s located inside a converted shipping container in lively Junction Square. You can also find Piccolo Pod at Killara. Stop by with your pup on your way for a dip in the Kiewa River or Hume Weir. [Image: @piccolopod]

9. Mr Benedict, Albury

The team at Mr B are more than happy to have your little furry friends! Both the front and rear court yard sitting areas are pet friendly and the kitchen will even cook up some bacon and eggs so they can have breakfast with you.. bon-a-pet- treat! [Image: @mr_benedict_cafe]

10. All Saints Winery, Rutherglen

If you’re looking for something a little different, look no further. Less than an hour from Albury-Wodonga, this stunning pet-friendly estate is the ideal place for a 5 star day out! Have a wander and a wine, and don’t forget to take a few happy snaps with your pup under the picturesque avenue of huge elm trees! [Image: @winedogs_hq]

FurMumma’s favourite walking trails around Albury Wodonga

Noreuil Foreshore, Gateway Island

This spot is in the heart of it all but totally private! The trail follows along the river, opposite the Noreuil foreshore.

Where: Turn off the Lincoln Causeway onto Lemke Road. Keep right and follow the road down until you see the “Community Farm” sign. Pull over and park. There is a dirt road on the right side of the road. After the footpath but before the community farm. Follow this dirt road around to the gate and your in!

Coordinates: 36°05’26.8″S 146°54’08.3″E

Mahers Hill, Bonegilla

Climb the mountain to get a stunning 360 degree view including the Hume Weir.

Where: Follow the Murray Valley Highway out toward the Hume Weir, turn right at Mahers Road, then left onto Lees Lane. Drive all the way to the end of the road and park. There is a little gate which will take you up to the hill and different trails.

Coordinates: 36°09’20.9″S 147°00’35.0″E

Table Top Reserve, Table Top

The reserve forms part of the Hume Weir out near Table Top. It’s nice and flat and the land goes and goes for ever… perfect for running wild, off lead. Sometimes the water is up high so there is opportunity for a swim!

Where: Take the Hume Highway north, turn right onto Burma Road, right onto Table Top Road and follow it down to a left hand turn onto Table Top Reserve Road. Plenty of open land to wander and explore!

Coordinates: 35°58’30.5″S 147°02’44.7″E

Jindera Gap Trail, Jindera

If you love picturesque views and can handle a hike up hill then Jindera Gap Trail is a must do. You start your trek surrounded by trees and as you get higher, you’ll be treated to views over Albury… all the way out to the weir.

Where: Drive along Urana Road, as if you are heading out to Jindera. When you hit the peak of the hill, turn left onto Jelbart Road and there is a little dirt road leading to a private driveway on your left. Park your car here and walk back towards the hill where you will see “Jindera Gap Trail” sign and the opening to the trail. This one meets up with Ridge Trail on Nail Can after about 45 minutes of walking.

Coordinates: 36°00’05.0″S 146°53’42.4″E

Gateway Island Parklands, Gateway Island

On the other side of the Lincoln Causeway are the Gateway Island Parklands and it’s a bit of a rabbit warren with lots of gravel roads and off road little tracks to explore.

Where: There are a few ways to get in here. My preference is to park on Harris Road but you can also park near the Hot House Theatre and head towards the river until you find the concrete footpath to follow in.

Coordinates: 36°06’01.8″S 146°53’56.7″E

“The Pines” (Apex Park)

You can follow the emergency vehicle road, venture into the bushland or head down to the waters edge for a paddle. More of a “place” to explore than a trail.

Where: Take Riverina Highway out towards the Bethanga Bridge, turn right at the boat ramp onto Ramp Lane and right again onto Recreation Lane. Follow along until you can’t anymore and park.

Coordinates: 36°05’36.1″S 147°02’52.3″E

9 Mile Hill, Table Top

This area is a travelling stock reserve offering incredible views over Springdale Heights and big stacked boulders. Another one with a bit of a “pick your own path”. But whichever way you choose, you won’t be disappointed!

Where: Drive out Wagga Road, past Ettamogah Rise Estate (wave to FurMumma – helllloo!) and turn left at Gerogery Road. Go through the round about and as you begin to come to the peak of the hill, there is a right turn onto a dirt section with a gate. Be ready or you might just miss it. The gate is bent (the perfect size for a doggo to fit through) and you should catch a glimpse of an information sign. Jump the gate and follow your heart.

Coordinates: 35°59’05.0″S 146°58’42.9″E

Nail Can Hill, Albury

A local favourite which needs no explanation or introduction! There are plenty of ways to get onto the hill (Pemberton Street or Centaur Road are two of my preferred entry points) and plenty of trails on offer. Not sure if this is just me but this is the only trail which I have sort of, maybe, gotten a little bit lost. Twice. So here it a map to help you navigate…

Trail map:

Coordinates (from Pemberton Street): 36°04’24.9″S 146°54’05.2″E

Huon Hill, Wodonga

The “Nail Can” of Wodonga. Also loved and well used by the community with lots of options on trails. I have personally hiked Stringy Bark Track and found it to be challenging. The views are worth the climb and there is even a lookout on offer at the very top. A perfect picnic spot!

Trail map:

Where: Travel out Murray Valley Highway and turn right at Whytes Road, follow to the T intersection and take a right onto Kenneth Watson Drive. Follow this around until you reach the information sign or keep going up to the very top of the hill.

Coordinates (bottom of Stringy Bark Track): 36°07’56.7″S 146°56’50.9″E

Federation Hill, West Wodonga

Another local favourite in Wodonga is the Federation Hill, it runs parallel with Felltimber Creek Road and is fairly flat most of the way along, making it an easier walk. If you prefer a challenge, there are lots of trails that run off Fed Hill and further up the mountain… there is plenty to explore.

Where: There are plenty of access points to the trail including Ballara Drive, McCulloch Crescent or Prendergast Street.

Coordinates: 36°08’57.1″S 146°51’50.6″E, 36°08’45.2″S 146°51’48.5″E, 36°08’38.5″S 146°51’43.0″E just to list a few

New Service: Pet Wedding Assistant!

Would your special day be incomplete without your fur baby there to join you down the isle? Let FurMumma take the lead on making this dream come true.

Our ‘Pet Wedding Assistant’ service offers the opportunity to include your four-legged bestie in your proposal, engagement party, wedding ceremony or photo session without the stress of getting them there, keeping them safe and ensuring they are on their best behaviour.

We will work with you to customise the PERFECT package including transport to and from the event; arranging grooming and dressing in provided attire; caring for your pets throughout your event including walks, toilet breaks, feeding and entertaining; overnight boarding before and/or after the big day; or anything else that your heart desires.

Pricing will vary depending on hours, number of pets, location and services needed. As a guide – Hourly rates start at $50 for one pet. Travel over 40km (round trip) is charged at 0.68c per km from the time we pick up to drop off. Overnight Boarding can be added and starts at $50 per pet.

Contact FurMumma for further details

Boarding: What to pack?

The countdown is on – you’ve packed your bags and knocked off work for the next two weeks. The only thing left to do is drop the fur kids off to their pet sitter on the way to the airport in the morning. But what do you pack for them? Surely they don’t need much, right?

To take to thinking out of packing for your pet, here is a list of things you may like to pack when sending them to their surrogate family for their own holiday…

  • Food – it’s not ideal to change up a pets diet overnight, it can cause an upset tummy, so be sure to include their usual food and discuss their feeding routine and amounts with FurMumma.
  • Bowls – although not essential, pets will feel comfortable eating and drinking from their own bowls. You may also have a fast eater who usually uses a slow feeder bowl.
  • Bed – our boarding clients are crated inside at night and we have plenty of blankets however, it’s always comforting to have smells from home so bring along their bed (if they have one) to pop into the crate.
  • Toys – although their are plenty of toys on hand in our home, some pets have a favourite feeder or toy that soothes them. Pack that too!
  • Lead – you never know when the FurMumma family might head out for an outing or walk so it’s ideal to have their usual leads, collars, harnesses and/or halters on hand.
  • Treats – there is really no explanation needed… treats are life!
  • Litter and litter tray – for the felines, a new environment can be nerve racking enough, let alone not knowing where to do your business! Cats will be drawn to the familiar smell of their own litter tray.
  • Medications or special health products (i.e. tooth paste) – needless to say, it’s very important that FurMumma is fully equipped with your pets medications and health products as well as the correct instructions for dosage and administration. Go one better and write this out for quick reference!
  • Current paperwork – it is essential that all boarding pets are vaccinated and flea and worm treated. Please include their current paperwork.
  • Emergency contact details – although unlikely, in the case of an emergency where we cannot reach you, it’s always best to head to your usual vet who knows the history of your pets health. You can include this on your ‘New Client Form’.

Professional Pet Sitter VS Hobby Pet Sitter



Why would you pay three times more for a “professional pet sitter” when your best friends, cousin’s teenage daughter will do it much cheaper (or even free)?

The two most common questions I get asked are — are you available on x date and how much will it cost? Of course, cost is a main factor in the decision on where you will leave your furkid while your away (who wouldn’t rather spend their cash on EVERY cocktail listed on the menu), but it shouldn’t be the only consideration given…

✔️ Motivation – your professional pet sitter is there to deliver a service, not for a holiday away from the parents. They aren’t interested in cleaning out the fridge, inviting their bestie around for a Netflix binge session or taking advantage of the free wifi. You get what you pay for… your professional pet sitter will spend their time engaging with and caring for your pet/s.

✔️ Insured – it’s always reassuring to know that in case of an accident or emergency, your pet and belongings are covered! Your professional pet sitters insurance will cover damage caused to your home, possessions and any injury to your pet whilst in their care. Peace of mind, so you can get on with deciding which massage to get.

✔️ Experienced – as resourceful as a hobby sitter may be with YouTube or Google, it doesn’t always cut it when they need to think quickly to diffuse a situation. Will they know how to separate a dog fight? Can they correctly administer medication? Have they got basic first aid and CPR training? Although these are unlikely to occur, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

✔️ Reputation – a professional pet sitter who has invested time, money and effort into their business and brand relies on positive feedback and word of mouth to grow. Therefore they are more likely to go above and beyond and work to exceed your expectations, so you will spread the word about the exceptional service provided. On the other hand, a hobby sitter who doesn’t have long term plans to run a pet sitting business, may not hold as much weight to what you say about them.

✔️ Long term relationship – it’s always a little daunting to leave our pets behind when we go away but it eases the worry to know they are as comfortable and happy as can be without their Mum and Dad. A professional pet sitter is more likely to be in it for the long run, therefore you and your pet can build a relationship and trust with the one person or family – just like having a second / surrogate family!

If you need any more convincing, check out FurMumma’s testimonials page!

– FurMumma